Dangerous Advice

This essay is inspired by this week’s Startup Edition topic, “Where do you get advice?

Startup advice is everywhere. Books, blogs, podcasts, comment threads, and face-to-face conversations inundate us. Everyone has an opinion, experience to share. That’s a great thing, but advice taken blindly can be dangerous.

Here are some truths I’ve internalized when seeking and giving advise.

So advice isn’t very useful, right? Absolutely not. There’s much to be learned from experienced entrepreneurs and those that can offer a unique perspective. But be conscious of how you digest this advice. Poke holes in it. Adapt it to your context. Recognize it’s probably not the silver bullet you’re looking for.

And most importantly, remember:

Need advice? I have a ton of (questionable) advise on startups and product design on my blog. :) If you’d like to hop on a call, book time with me on Clarity.

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Photo credit: Jason Michael


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