This reflection is inspired by this week’s Startup Edition, “What mistakes have you made?

I was recently asked to teach a course on Adii Pienaar’s new entrepreneurship education startup, PublicBeta. My immediate response was one of self-doubt.

Insecurity. Uncertainty. Hesitation.

Fuck that.

We all self conscious, I’m just the first to admit it.

This bar from (the confident) Kanye West stuck with me since his album debut, as a reminder that we all have self-doubt. How we react to those doubts is what matters.

Every great engineer, entrepreneur, and teacher started somewhere with just enough confidence to believe in themselves.

Don’t allow a lack of confidence hold you back from pursuing great opportunities and moving forward. Yes, unfamiliarity and the pursuit of the unknown instigates unconfident emotions. But remember, fear is healthy; a fear of fear is not.

It’s natural to avoid “scary” opportunities. Instead of retreating from Adii’s offer, I will embrace the challenge. Look forward to a future announcement of the course and sign up for my email list or follow me on Twitter (@rrhoover) for updates.

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